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here's a blurb about the girl behind the camera

Thank you so much for landing on this page and choosing to read about me!! Who am I? 
I'm 26, brunette, married, and a brand new mama! I am from NJ originally and moved out here to San Diego a few years ago. Both Dan (the husbabe) and have loved it ever since. Southern California has filled our needs for sunshine, beach, mountains, fresh air, fish tacos, and wine quite perfectly. 

All things that make me happy: 
- quality time with my husband and closest people - my family - my LORD, Jesus - matcha - hiking - wine - reading - the office - pumpkin bread - cabins - sunshine - ALL THE PLANTS - candles - my apartment - travel - Pride & Prejudice - my camera (because duh) - 

I am the kind of photographer that wants to jump into your life and wedding and capture all those emotions, laughs, and tears throughout this day for you. Creating more than just your typical photo is what I'm all about. Let's get crazy on camera. Let's get your silly kiss, your tear when your finally see your bride on your wedding day, those tickle fights on the bed, your reaction to the best man speech, and every little thing in between. 

One of my most favorite parts of this job is meeting couples and seeing them together, so happy, so in love, so excited to do life together. So yeah, let's get matcha and talk. I'd love to meet you and hear your story and capture the love you have for your lover.

My approach with photography

So my approach isn’t about posing. I don’t even like that word. First off, this is about YOU. I shall provide help along the way but typically I like to just step aside and watch you two be yourselves. In a typical session, hiking and walking to the destination is encouraged. Keeping you both comfortable and keeping it fun is my goal. Providing the mood through funny questions, games, and even music is often times how I’ll run the show. From there, I capture you two lovebirds and create images that you will cherish forever.

Let’s not beat around the bush, shall we?

So after looking all over instagram and comparing photographer after photographer, you ask yourself, why this girl? Right?

Okay first of all, I am not the photographer for everyone. We are all humans and don’t vibe or have the same desires as each other. My photographer blossoms best when I am outoors, in the sunshine, capturing vows being exchanged in an intimate setting. I love it when things are free and natural - there’s no strict rules here. Want to hike to your ceremony? OMG count this girl in! You want to jump in the ocean or pool at the end of your wedding? I’ll be in there after you! Want to have all your special people dancing on the floor with you guys? I’ll be in the middle dancing right along. My clients will get the best of me when my creative spirit is lit on fire and obviously that’s what they deserve.

Furthermore, I. HAVE. GOTCHU. BABE. (anyone else think of the song from Groundhog day? Okay just me? Cool.) Seriously though, I don’t want to just be a vendor that you check off on your to-do list. I am your friend when you book me. You need help with picking out your dress? Done. Cake tasting? Done :) Timeline difficulties? I’m there. You need a cup of coffee or a mimosa the morning of your wedding? Got it. ANYTHING you need, I’m there. Please, please don’t think I’m here for you to just be a vendor, do my photo-taking and get out. That’s not how I thrive, so if you’re picking up what I putting down, fill out that contact page and LET’S DO THIS!!  

Couples + Engagements


One Location
Up to 2 Hours of Shooting
1-2 Outfit Changes
Online gallery with unlimited download  
Full printing rights 

Wedding Packages


Intimate Weddings 

One photographer
 Up to 6 hours of coverage
Edited images in private online gallery
 Full printing rights 


Standard Size Weddings

One photographer + One assistant 
Up to 8 hours of coverage
Complimentary engagement session included 
Edited images in private online gallery
Full printing rights 


For the "I want all of it" Couple

One photographer + One assistant 
Up to 10 hours of coverage
Complimentary engagement session included 
Edited images in private online gallery
Full printing rights 
Complimentary prints 

Any additional hour(s) needed to any of the packages listed above will be priced at $175 per hour.

ALL of these packages are priced within San Diego County. Do I travel? Is that even a question - YAS, I do. Please email me for information about travel whether that be by car, train, boat or air. Ball park range is the cost for the travel and lodging.

If you have a wedding that doesn't fit any of these packages, PLEASE let me know so I can figure out a custom package just for you and your needs =] Besides, its YOUR day!



One Location - One person
Up to 1 Hour of Shooting
1-2 Outfit Changes
Online Download of 40+ Edited Photographs
Full Printing Rights

Okay, I like you!