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cup of joe

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Talk about a homey home! Okay, yeah that was lame. But seriously! Talk about having an amazing little house filled with the most adorable couple: Joe & Frankie. You guys have got to be kidding me. Y’all two made magic in front of this camera. I love how you guys were so comfortable, such lovers on each other, and helped me create these in home photographs.  

I think creating images of a couple in their house, in the home they have created, is so special. This is their space and their area to themselves. In the midst of everyday life you have these two, creating a life for themselves. And let us not forget about Mr. Larry! Their fur baby is quite possibly the cutest fluff-ball around.  

I think all Saturday mornings should go just like this one here. The pictures below are what we should all take a step back and do to ensure we continue to create connection with our significant other. That being said, if you want o do something like this for yourself, let me know. I’d LOVE to be the one third-wheeling your Saturday or Sunday morning ;)  

Okay, I like you!