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the king and his queen


I have this friend; her name is Paulina. She is a beautiful and sweet human who introduced me to another set of sweet humans. This couple is Devin and Krystyna and they are engaged! We briefly talked about where to photograph their engagement photos and I had expressed an interest in hiking a bit to an overlook with a gorgeous view of the mountains in Southern California. Devin and Krystyna were down for it! Paulina came with us too and it was an amazing (and hot!) late afternoon in Ramona, California.  

Paulina, thanks for introducing me to this awesome couple <3  

Devin and Krystyna, thanks for being such an adventurous couple and creating such beautiful pictures with me! I freakin loved getting to know you guys and your amazing personalities! Y’all two are gonna make some beautiful babies one day ;)  

Anyways everyone, enjoy these pictures we took in Ramona, California! If any of you lovers out there wanna shoot here too and get some lovey pictures, you know who to holla at!  

Okay, I like you!