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Take a lover that looks at you like maybe you are magic. - Frida Kahlo



Im the kind of photographer that likes to observe, let things happen and I'll be there to document. I won't "pose" you, I don't have fancy lights and I don't like to revolve the wedding day around the photos. So if you want that in a photographer, then I'm probably your girl.

I've been doing this (weddings, couples, families, documenting) for 6 years now. It is something I am so hugely in love with. I still pinch myself just making sure that what I am doing, taking pictures of people, making friends and connecting, traveling, is all real because it's what I prayed for years ago. I believe that being intentional with our time especially on a wedding day is super important. I strive to be the calm on wedding day as well as capture all the love that's happening around you guys.


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My mission statement is: photography for those who seek to capture and relive moments of raw, intimate emotion. 

I will match with you and capture your love or family if you are: truly in love. You are getting married because you want to start your lives together and your cannot wait to be MARRIED. I hold marriage in high regard being a Christian and I love it when my couples do too. I love when i get to work with couples that are obsessed with each other as well. I love the kissing, the laughter, the tears, all of it! 

Additionally, if you are a family that values creativity, that value each other, then we will be perfect together. My soul comes alive when people book me for me and want me to create something with them. Its a collaboration. I don't take pictures of people that want to smile and say cheese. I want the photos to be messy, full of fun and different activities. I love it when my families (and couples!) trust me for that.


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girls night out

comfort of a kiss

doing things the old school way

sending gifts to friends

handwritten love note

fresh flowers at home

glass of wine & a good book


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Im in love with my husband, Dan. Im in love with the babies we made, Luke & Weston. And Im in love with making the most of every moment, both big and mundane. I'm an intentional old school lover and that for sure spills over into my work.

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