Your love deserves to be immortalized. My approach is to capture it authentically, without intrusion, while elevating even the simplest of moments. Whether it's a wedding, a family gathering, or a couples' session, my aim is to craft a narrative that resonates with you. Gone are the days of stiff poses and forced smiles. Here at Amanda Noel Photos, I am a storyteller, weaving together the emotions and essence of each moment. My goal is for you to not just see, but to feel the magic of your special day whenever you revisit your cherished photographs.









My purpose



the (art) of capturing

To my couples and families:

Let's skip the posed smiles and focus on real moments. Whether it's a beach bonfire with your family or cooking dinner at home with your partner, I've got plenty of ideas to capture genuine emotion in your photos. Let's make memories, not poses.

To my brides and grooms:

I harbor this unconventional belief that your wedding day should revolve around your experiences and desires, not just the photographs. This philosophy is what allows me to truly capture the raw emotion of your day. Rather than orchestrating poses, I aim to document candid moments, blending seamlessly into the background. It's about preserving the genuine essence of each moment, so that when you reflect decades from now, you're transported back to the emotions you felt in that very instant.

your love story retold



guide to reliving your special moments

Upon your decision to proceed, simply book your chosen package, submit a 30% non-refundable deposit to secure the date, and we'll commence planning your engagement photos or wedding timeline!

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If what you've read resonates with your vision for photography, kindly complete my inquiry form. I'll respond with further details within 24-48 hours.

After that, we'll schedule a call to delve into your wedding day aspirations. Following our discussion, I'll craft a personalized wedding proposal tailored to your preferences.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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what is your shooting style?

My style of shooting is unposed, unscripted, as plastered on my website. I look for all those in between moments happening whilst also getting those “must-have” shots. I shoot in an artsy, carefree, and classic way inspired by film and the 80s.

Do you travel?

Yes definitely. I actually travel for about 80% of my work. I am not only inspired by travel, I love experiencing so many different cultures and places. The way I price for it is as follows: whatever it costs to get there, I charge for. So a flight, transportation unless provided, and hotel, unless provided. 

How many photos do we get and how do we get them? 

You can expect ~75 images from my digital camera for every hour I am on the premises. And you can expect about ~15 film images for every hour I am shooting. All the images will be delivered via an online gallery that you will have private access to for 1 year. After that, you are responsible for safe keeping your photos for the next 100.

What if we are awkward in our photos?

Honey, every single person says they’re awkward. Taking pictures is awkward unless you’re a model and it doesn’t phase you. But my job is to make you feel as if you are on a date, being prompted to love extra on your partner while capturing all the cuteness happening even though it might not feel like it. Trust me and trust the process. 

Do we get sneak peeks? 

Yes! I try my very best to get those pictures out to you within a 72 hour window. If I am traveling, then that window might be longer. I usually deliver about 100 images for the sneak peek.

What makes for the best photos? 

3 things. Being yourselves, trusting your photographer, and creating a vision or story you want photographed. I encourage you to be yourselves because you don’t ever want to look back on photos in 50 years and think “wow that was a posed fake photo.” Trust me, everyone feels awkward, so I try my best to make you guys feel comfortable, giving you prompts instead of stiff poses. Create a vision; this means instead of having nothing to do in your photos, let’s create a story. THAT is what we will be photographing.

What does creating a story mean? 

Glad you asked. What I mean by this is instead of having a photoshoot booked and we just stand at the beach and smile, we plan together an activity like; having a picnic, going to the library, grabbing drinks at a bar downtown, bringing a cute prop like a car or pet to the shoot, going to play tennis, going sailing, cooking dinner in your kitchen and drinking wine. These are just a few ideas that I have in mind.

Do you give us the raw photos? 

Definitely a no on this one. One of the reasons you’re booking me is for the editing style. The magic happens during this process. My analogy for this is, you don’t go to a restaurant and ask for the raw meat. You order and pay for the complete plated meal.

Will you help with a timeline? 

Yes 100%. Actually I beg of you to ask me for help. It only helps me. So selfishly, I love to help with creating a day less stressful and more slow moving. Aside from that, I also will help you with family shot lists and all the vendor recommendations. 

What is a first look? 

A first look is the best thing you can do for your wedding day to make it less stressful. It’s an opportunity to see your lover before you go down the aisle. It gives us the opportunity to knock out all of the bridal party photos, family photos, and of course more photos of you two BEFORE the ceremony. That means time for you to enjoy your friends and family during cocktail hour as well as a far less stressful day.

A note: 


Sarah and Drew 

After initially being uncertain I even wanted a professional photographer, I saw photos that Amanda had taken at our booked venue and immediately reached out. Following an instant connection in our consultation (she's simply a kind and FUN soul), I knew she would be an intricate part of our wedding celebrations. She ended up traveling to NYC and photographed our rehearsal, ceremony, reception and after party! Not only is her talent unmatched, but she quickly became a friend to all of our guests. She is present and attentive, warm and engaging...all qualities you need surrounding you on your wedding day.

Throughout pictures, she coached and directed us without making it feel staged. We didn't want our wedding day to feel like we were being bogged down by picture taking, but rather be able to enjoy every minute we had planned for us and our guests. Somehow, we not only had many quiet moments just as husband + wife, but Amanda was there to catch it all in the most intentional way.

Her work is pure art. We are thrilled that we'll be looking back at the memories from our wedding through the lenses of Amanda’s!

"The best part of your wedding day should be marrying your spouse. The second? Having Amanda there to capture it all."

rebecca & gabe

Not your typical photographer! Not your typical photo shoot experience! Amanda is truly gifted at capturing beautifully natural photos of people just being themselves. We did a family photo shoot with Amanda and the photos are my favorite family photos ever! They look like photos from a movie scene! Amanda will guide you as she photographs but it’s so easy and effortless and no posing necessary. You end up with quality, real, intimate, authentic looking photos. HIGHLY recommend.

"Amanda is simply THE BEST."

allison & matt 

They say that you should choose a photographer you really click with since you’ll be spending most of your wedding day with that person. It’s safe to say that we’re 100% happy with choosing Amanda. She has a gift of making you feel like a friend you’ve known for a long time upon meeting her. My now husband and I are on the shyer side when it comes to all the things a traditional wedding entails, but Amanda helped us feel super comfortable and most like ourselves from beginning to end! As a couple that really wanted to keep our wedding as authentic as possible without allowing wedding trends to dictate our day, we’re so so happy to have crossed paths with Amanda, who helped us do exactly that :)

If you're looking for someone to capture your day in its rawest form, she is truly the perfect person. She was able to do that all while making us feel so celebrated and loved not only on the day of our wedding but throughout the whole process. She made it known that she was available to us, whether we had any questions (anything wedding related, not just photography!) or simply wanted to meet up over coffee. From day 1, it was clear that we were more than just clients, but people she was willing to invest in. It was really beyond what we could have hoped for in a photographer, now forever friend!

"She has a gift of making you feel like a friend you’ve known for a long time upon meeting her."